Due to COVID-19 import restrictions and business closings the supply of flower variety has been dramatically impacted .Every order we place is based on the Highest Quality Flowers available. Therefore, we ask that you consider ordering a Designer's Choice Arrangement CLICK HERE. We will use the freshest flowers that we have in stock to create a beautiful, one of a kind, arrangement that will be sure to please! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

About Plants and Things Floral Design

Plants and Things first opened in 1973 as a retail plant shop. Since then, we have expanded into a Floral Design Center specializing in Weddings, Parties and Everyday flowers.

Our company specializes in unique floral design, custom arrangements and WEEKLY FLORAL ACCOUNTS.  Customer service is key to our long lasting success and our expertise is widely acknowledged. We are not a "Round Mound" shop and we DO make house calls.

Our Signature look is a lush European design.  You will notice that there are not a lot of "filler" flowers in our arrangements. 
Our Main objective is to supply only high quality flowers that will compliment and thrive in a given environment. Our designs are never stagnant; they change both with the season and availability of product.

We are members of the Society of American Florists and Florists for Change.  We are the house florist for local corporations and service many local businesses with weekly flowers and gift arrangements.

Our President, Bobbi Randazzo, has over thirty years experience in this field.  She has recently enrolled in the EMC (European Masters Certificate) Program.  She has completed Part 1, studying with masters,  Hitomi Gilliam and Tomas De Bruyne.  She has been consultant to large corporations, such as Union Carbide Corporation, and her designs have been part of the gala decorations at the Neuberger Museum and the Aldrich Museum of Modern Art.  Plants and Things is honored to serve local corporations such as  IBM, Master Card, HCC, and Pepsico.

We are more than a florist or a plant shop. We are a unique combination of the two.