Due to supply chain, import restrictions and reduced man power the supply of flower variety has been dramatically impacted .Every order we place is based on the Highest Quality Flowers available. Therefore, we ask that you consider ordering a Designer's Choice Arrangement CLICK HERE. We will use the freshest flowers that we have in stock to create a beautiful, one of a kind, arrangement that will be sure to please! Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Designers Choice- Bobbi Vase

Designers Choice- Bobbi Vase
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Let us pick the best and the freshest blooms of the day!

We will design a unique flower arrangement for you using the weeks special and best flowers.

Bobbi knows her customers--Trust her to create something special

Guaranteed to please. Let the experts do their best!

Feel Free to mention favorite flowers and color tones, we will do our best to match these requests.